The testing tool for Simulink models


The tool has been developed to meet the needs of Simulink developers and testers. In order to meet the requirements of developers, a lot of new features have been developed, which state of the art commercial off the shelf tools cannot offer. The core of Arttest is an easy-to-learn, readable and maintainable test specification language. This allows testers to focus on the test implementation, test execution and test evaluation. At the same time, features have been integrated which support developers during the modeling process.


Arttest integrates seamlessly into the typical industrial development process and its toolchain. Thanks to many years of research, it supports a lot of new features. For example, internal signals of a Simulink model are fully available for a test case. Internal signals can be overridden as well as evaluated. This enables Closed Loop Testing amongst other things. Reacting to arbitrary events during simulation is also supported, which can include internal signals as well.

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Testing during development is indispensable but also very time consuming. Arttest supports both testers and developers. For example, MATLAB workspace parameters can be easily changed and specifying complex signal curves requires only a minimum of code. Typical steps like buildung a harness are automated. Arttest supports an easy navigation through the model as well as adding scopes to internal signals. Data gets stored in the MATLAB workspace, which allows manipulation and assists while working with Simulink.